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MyWiFi ISP Wireless Solutions
Basic (R299 per Month)
3Mb/s Download and 1Mb/s Upload
*Supports 10 Devices
Home (R599 per Month) 
5Mb/s Download and 2Mb/s Upload
*Supports 20 Devices
Business (R999 per Month)
8Mb/s Download and 3Mb/s Upload
*Supports 30 Devices
Premium (R 1 299 per Month)
10Mb/s Download and 4Mb/s Upload
*Supports 40 Devices
Executive (R1 599 per Month)
12Mb/s Download and 5Mb/s Upload
*Unlimited Devices
Enterprise (R2 299 per Month)
15Mb/s Download and 6Mb/s Upload
*Unlimited Devices
Platinum (R4 999 per Month)
20Mb/s Download and 10Mb/s Upload
*Unlimited Devices
Please note all packages are unshaped and uncapped, no throttling.
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 Address. 59 Paul Kruger Street Polokwane. 

Sales & Support Tel. 076 068 4967

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